Why Choose Newfoundland?

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According to the Newfoundland & Labrador tourism website, “Newfoundland and Labrador has a reputation for being friendly. Warm and welcoming, fun loving and funny to the core, the people here are also known for their natural creativity, unique language, and knack for storytelling.”

Canadian curriculum is similar from province to province, with the exception of some provincial elective courses. When a student chooses to study in Canada they are mostly choosing the location. Canada holds the golden ticket of the world, the Canadian diploma!

Newfoundland offers a strong foundation for a young adult to grow and become an independent global learner. Newfoundland is the safest province in all of Canada (check google), and students in my program are encouraged to be independent.

Newfoundland is bilingual. French is offered in all schools from kindergarten to grade 12. We have an IB program at Holy Heart Of Mary High School and we offer more than 15 AP programs in our schools

St. John’s, Newfoundland is the oldest city in North America and highly connected to Irish, European culture and architecture. Newfoundland is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere and people. Newfoundlanders make everyone they meet family! Newfoundland is also known for its delicious seafood.



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